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GetSimple News Manager Title Tags

Google webmasters tools has been complaining to me that I have duplicate title tags on this site. Whilst probably not a massive problem, I thought it better to change. The problem is my news manager plugin. Every new post I make is not actually given its own page. When you click on one of the articles you are actually just given the homepage [...]

New(ish) Look

Playing arround with the css inside of the admin area of GetSimple I have made some minor changes to the style of the website. The main change is that there is now no "Maximum size" Therotically you can view the page on any size of screen and the site will scale to fit. Unfortunatly it does not handle small sizes any better than the old [...]

Virtual Hosts

I have recentally being experimenting with setting up a second website from this vps. More just to see how it is done than anything.  I am pleased to report it is extremly simple. Point the dns to the ip of the server and add 4 lines in the vhosts file. Impressive. I was under the inpression that a seperate port was needed for each website o [...]

Elonex Webbook Disassembly

A nice quick note which will hopefully help some people out there who are trying to take apart an elonex webbook. It is mostly a standerd procedure , remove all the screws and "extrenal components," go arround the rim and undo all the clips.The tricky part with this particular model is the keyboard. It is stuck down with double sided st [...]

Removing a bunch of files with php

A handy script for removing a lot of hidden png images from a directory, with thanks to our good friend Alan Foster. <?php ini_set('memory_limit', '64M'); // There was a lot of pictures (cunt)           foreach(glob('{,.}*.png', GLOB_BRACE) as $file){   &n [...]

Goodbye slider

The news manager did not appear to play along nicley with the slider so it had to go unfortunatly. To be fair it was kind of awkard. Because it was outside of the "post" section of the page, I had to have a seperate template page just for the home page. This ment, to edit part of theme, both the home page template and the rest of the si [...]

Get Simple News Manager Plugin

Ok I have activated the news manager plugin. It claims to turn the simple CMS into a blogging solution. I have not configured any of the CSS or anything but there is a sample template which I will use if need be. Resonably inpressed but we will see if it has any problems, the whole thing seems to have taken over my home page, which I am cool with [...]