Yeo, sup?

Everything went... slower than expected

When installing a new IDE it is generally a good idea to know what you will be using it for. In this case I kind of know what I wanted visual studio for but it still didnt stop me from just installing it with the things that I wanted. Instead... This caused the slight problem, Trying to install a 7GB file when your computer only has 6GB lest [...]

Learning C#

So I have finally gotten Visual Studio downloaded and on my computer. I am about to attempt to try to make a game with XNA using the apparntly quite nice Farseer Physics Engine.  I will be letting you all know how it goes. The file downloaded form MSDN AA is an iso image and I have no DVD's to put it on. I dont have any mounting softwa [...]

iDont Understand!

What better way to test out your shiney new cloud service than by having millions of customers downloading a massive file from said cloud. Ok I havnt really researched it but as far as I can remember, Apple announced a good while back now that they are building themselves a shiney new datacenter to be used for sycing all your documents together. [...]