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Tethering Motorola razr i on 3

So it finally happened. The old phone stopped charging again so I got a new phone and switched to 3 in the process. One problem I was having was with tethering. I am on 3's "one plan" so tethering is included on my plan.

When I tried to connect over the wireless hotsopt set up normally in the settings, I could not get a connection to the internet. The computer connected to the phone ok but not on through. The same problem was present with USB connections. The solution came from a forum, which I have lost or I would credit, and involves adding "dun" to the "APN type" setting. 

That is all it takes. Add ",dun" to the list of apn types on the last screen there. The apn on the 3rd screen works for tethering but will not let you use your phone normally.


Overall I am happy and impressed with the speeds. Normally a bit slower than below but with a slightly faster ping.

speedtest result from Motorola razr i on 3


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FLAC in Windows.

Recently I have been trying to get my hands on FLAC music as much as possible. Windows does not appear to support FLAC files in any way.  To make windows 7 a bit more FLAC friendly I installed 2 files. 

  • "opencodecs" -  makes Windows Media Player etc able to play the FLAC format. 

Oddly this didnt actually solve the problem which I was having. What I really wanted was for Explorer to understand and display the FLAC metadata. 

  • "FLAC Property Handler" - Something I stumbled upon (well it was on the front page of google but still) on a windows forum. There was a few different mirrors of it on the forum and I have uploaded the 64 bit version here, just for safe-keeping.

That is all it took, lovley extra metadata for FLAC files in Windows 7.

A screenshot of windows explorer showing file numbers of a flac album

RTMPDump Path

I love "get_iplayer", it is a very useful little program. Recently however I have not been able to download anything. Any time I tried I got the error:

WARNING: Your version of flvstreamer/rtmpdump does not support SWF Verification
WARNING: rtmpdump/flvstreamer 1.8 or later is required - please upgrade

Which was rather annoying, especially as I had checked and checked again that I did have the latest version of RTMPDump. Further uninstalling and re-installing get_iplayer (which includes everything like rtmpdump) did not help at all. In the end it turned out to be related to me recently messing up my PATH environmental variable. Googling for a good "default" path (below) and adding it to the start of my PATH variable fixed things. Now just back to fixing bluetooth which was also affected by my moment of derp.





New sky hub self heal fun

Have you recently changed to sky and gotten a nice shiney new router, one which looks like this:

Picture of new sky hub

Well, I hope you are enjoying it... chances are, if you look at it now, it has been rebooted, sorry about that! 

Note: I have done absolutely no research into this, so it is all guesses and speculation here are probably wrong.

Sky seem to have gone alone with the new router, writing some of the software for it themselves. We got one of the routers here a while ago but our internet did not seem to be working through it. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I was sitting in the house waiting for an openreach engineer to come along and see what was happening. Being bored and internetless I decided to have a look through the JavaScript being served up from the router. It was quite interesting to see that the full non-minimised jQuery library had been included, comments and all. 

What was also interesting was an AJAX GET request to "". It didn't look like there was any verification. Sure enough when the address was put straight into my address bar, the router would reboot. 

Fast forward to today, I tried including an AJAX GET request to that page from this page, but that sort of thing is blocked for security reasons. However iframes seem to be happy enough to load a local resource, and hey presto the router rebooted. Awkard.

<iframe src=""></iframe>

Update:Ok, Ok, Ok I have removed the actual iframe and just included it as text now so you wont be booted off, it was getting rather anoying, I admit.


On a more serous note...

There has been a bit of traffic from people looking for help with the "Sky Home Hub Self Help" screens. All I can advise, if you are seeing that screen, is that you follow all the steps. Check that all the connections are tight, if you have some spare or old ADSL filters, give them a shot. If you still are not getting connected, chances are that you will need to call Sky and get them out to fix your line, sorry!

Lightspeed "406 Not Acceptable"

Came across this strange http error code for the first time today when trying to run an old php script that accesses the file system. Thankfully someone on wordpress posted a quick edit that can be made to the .htaccess file, making everything work again, Yeay!

Of course turning security things off is never the best of ideas, so I placed the below snipplet in a new .htaccess file, which was placed along with the single php script into a folder of their own. .htaccess files only work on the folder that they are placed in/sub folders, so hopefully this will help minamise any damage which can be done.

          <IfModule mod_security.c>
          SecFilterEngine Off
          SecFilterScanPOST Off