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Connectify Dispatch is Great!

I havn't reviewed a piece of software for a long time now but this little gem has impresses me enough to log in here and write a little bit. 

Connectify Dispatch allows a windows 7 or 8 based computer to use multiple network adaptors at the same time. This can have the effect of increasing download speeds. For example, my home internet connection is about 7mb/s and my phone around 2mb/s - 12mb/s. So with connectify I can download 2 files at 1 time. One file using the home internet and the other using my 3g network. This would conplete in the same time as it would take a single 12mb/s network to download. 

Brilliant. Cost me £10 and can be used on 3 computers for that, making this first bit of software I have paid for in a year or so. Totally worth it.

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