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Elonex Webbook Disassembly

A nice quick note which will hopefully help some people out there who are trying to take apart an elonex webbook. It is mostly a standerd procedure , remove all the screws and "extrenal components," go arround the rim and undo all the clips.The tricky part with this particular model is the keyboard. It is stuck down with double sided sticky tape and several small clps. There are two screws underneath the keyboard which both need to be removed to open the rest of the case. It is quite tricky doing this without damaging the keyboard, so be carefull! I was able to prise it up using one of the metal loops used to hold the "Enter" key in place. Click on the pictures below for a closer view of the screws.

The larger screw below the elonex webbook keyboard. The smaller screw below the elonex webbook keyboard.

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