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FastPort Junk

Today, I re-entered the 21st century with an accessory that allows me to charge my phone, without having to take the battery out! I love my phone, it is a Sony Ericsson 'Elm' 'dumbphone'. It is a great little device which suites my needs well:

  • No friggin touchscreen, actual buttons
  • Good battery life
  • Nice camera... well not really, never worked quite the same since I shone a laser into it
  • Good connectivity - 3G, wifi, bluetooth
  • Can spin around really well on a flat surface

The main problem with the phone is that it was made before the EU started forcing phone manufacturers to use standard charging ports. It only has one physical connection, the completely rubbish proprietary Sony Ericsson "FastPort". Which after a couple of years just decided to stop letting the phone charge (My last phone had the exact same problem). Loving my phone too much to just get rid of it because it no longer charges, I went down a different route than most and bought an external charger. You might be familiar with this type of device if you have had a few digital cameras. It is a pretty simple contraption, basically you take your battery out of the phone/camera and put it in the external charger until it is charged. This works OK with cameras but is very incontinent for phones. Un-else you get a spare battery and are able to swap them around (which I am far too lazy to do) the phone has to be completely off while the battery charges. This is annoying for obvious reasons as well as less obvious ones such as loosing the time and date every time the phone needed charged.

Recently I noticed something strange, the phone would charge when plugged in using a car charger! It appears the fastport has a second power in line on it, which none of my ericsson wall chargers made use of, nor as far as I can remember do any of the usb ones I have lying around. So onto ebay to get one of theese. Now my phone charges from the wall again WooHoo! Now I can keep talking about getting a new phone for a couple more years, until the second power port buggers up and corrodes and I do actually have to go get a new thing.

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