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FLAC in Windows.

Recently I have been trying to get my hands on FLAC music as much as possible. Windows does not appear to support FLAC files in any way.  To make windows 7 a bit more FLAC friendly I installed 2 files. 

  • "opencodecs" -  makes Windows Media Player etc able to play the FLAC format. 

Oddly this didnt actually solve the problem which I was having. What I really wanted was for Explorer to understand and display the FLAC metadata. 

  • "FLAC Property Handler" - Something I stumbled upon (well it was on the front page of google but still) on a windows forum. There was a few different mirrors of it on the forum and I have uploaded the 64 bit version here, just for safe-keeping.

That is all it took, lovley extra metadata for FLAC files in Windows 7.

A screenshot of windows explorer showing file numbers of a flac album

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