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iDont Understand!

What better way to test out your shiney new cloud service than by having millions of customers downloading a massive file from said cloud. Ok I havnt really researched it but as far as I can remember, Apple announced a good while back now that they are building themselves a shiney new datacenter to be used for sycing all your documents together. So I am assuming that to distribute iOS 5, the operating system that all the cloud aps will run off, apple would use said datacenter. 

Well it seems that this test has failed. There are reports all over the internets of these updates failing and the problem seems to be that the servers just can not keep up with the demand. Of course this initself is not suprising. From a techicnal standpoint serving out millions of 900MB files is no mean feat. I just have to think that Apple have not made things easy on themselves. They could easily have staggered updates over timezones, different i devices, people who Apple have credit cards on record for etc. Another option could be sending it out on disk but lets not go into that.

But fair enough, maybe they did want to test out their new hardware, what fun is staggering releases? Maybe they calculated that that they should be able to cope and were wrong. One thing which I noticed on the BBC News page,  and is really what I wanted to write this article about.

"Many users complained on Apple forums that the download was taking time, with some having to retry many times...

'I tried about 5 times and I got it finally. It sounds like a server issue. It has nothing to do with security. Just keep trying,' advised one frustrated iPhone owner.

'The only thing to do, retry, retry, retry... Worked here too after 30 times or more,' said another." - BBC

DDOeS anyone else see a slight problem with this? It seems to me like Apples unique, supposidly tech aware following, does not seem to be helping the problem at all.  Retrying, while maybe getting you your new iOS, will not help this whole situation. Millions of users making 1 huge request is bad, Millions of user making "many" huge requests is possibly what caused so many problems today. I am sure you can live without for a couple of days when you will be able to update with ease and without any of the other worries like bricking your machine.

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