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Long time, no post

It has been quite a while since this has been updated. The plan was to keep you up to date with the game, but really, who cares?... and progress is extremly slow. Thankfully XNA itself seems to be resonably straight fordward. The problems come into play when it comes to using the physics engine farseer. Dont get me wrong, it is a very powerfull engine and I am guessing that it is actually quite straight fordward if you have some experiance with other physics engine's. Unfortunatly for me, I dont. Combining learning C#, with XNA and farseer is quite a challange for my limited level of programming. Hopefully I can plough on through it and come out the other side with a playable game.

In other news: Despite this not being updated, the site is been seen on google more than ever. This is mainly because of the picture used below of the "all the things" meme which is displayed in a google result more than a hundred times per day. This hasnt been converted to traffic unfortulatly (probably because of the rubbish use of the meme but anyway). The most popular post tends to be the one with the pictures of the elonex webbook, which really should be easier to take apart. You will soon be seeing lots of rambeling on mobile applications on this site whilst I practice for an essay writing assignment...pfft the cheek of giving us an essay, don't get me started. Apart from that, maybe a bit on text API's and some more pretty pictures? Who knows, lets see how much work is left to do first!

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