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RTMPDump Path

I love "get_iplayer", it is a very useful little program. Recently however I have not been able to download anything. Any time I tried I got the error:

WARNING: Your version of flvstreamer/rtmpdump does not support SWF Verification
WARNING: rtmpdump/flvstreamer 1.8 or later is required - please upgrade

Which was rather annoying, especially as I had checked and checked again that I did have the latest version of RTMPDump. Further uninstalling and re-installing get_iplayer (which includes everything like rtmpdump) did not help at all. In the end it turned out to be related to me recently messing up my PATH environmental variable. Googling for a good "default" path (below) and adding it to the start of my PATH variable fixed things. Now just back to fixing bluetooth which was also affected by my moment of derp.





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