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Talk Talk finally block TPB

...And it is a pretty scumbaggy block at that. Using some web wizzadry Talk Talk has blocked the pirate bay, replacing it with a picture explaining the block. The picture has both the pirate bay logo and a link to the BPI webpage. You can see the page for yourself by visiting which tt users are redirected (with a 302 http status) to.

Picture of what talk talk users now see whn visiting the pirate bay.

The link is to the homepage of the BPI, not to a page explaining the complaint that they have or the court order, just the homepage. I hope they enjoy the hug amount of extra traffic that they will be getting because of this. It is important to remember that this is a site wide block and people visiting the relatively small legitimate parts of the site will also be blocked from doing so.

BT is the only remaining ISP who have been ordered to take the sit down yet to do so. Virgin responded first. The court order for blocking the website included a demand to block the IP address as earlier blocks in other countries (and in the UK for newsbin) only blocked the domain, which was a pretty terrible way of censoring the net, not that there is a good method. The pirate bay have responded by serving the site from additional ip addresses and by using ipv6 which will allow them to add more ip addresses easier. 

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