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Tethering Motorola razr i on 3

So it finally happened. The old phone stopped charging again so I got a new phone and switched to 3 in the process. One problem I was having was with tethering. I am on 3's "one plan" so tethering is included on my plan.

When I tried to connect over the wireless hotsopt set up normally in the settings, I could not get a connection to the internet. The computer connected to the phone ok but not on through. The same problem was present with USB connections. The solution came from a forum, which I have lost or I would credit, and involves adding "dun" to the "APN type" setting. 

That is all it takes. Add ",dun" to the list of apn types on the last screen there. The apn on the 3rd screen works for tethering but will not let you use your phone normally.


Overall I am happy and impressed with the speeds. Normally a bit slower than below but with a slightly faster ping.

speedtest result from Motorola razr i on 3


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